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In 2015, a Galway City native dreamt of bringing the first Galway cider to market, a cider the people of Connacht can be proud of. After years of cider making and tasting, he is pleased to bring a crisp, refreshing cider to you. This cider is crafted with 100% Irish apples to produce a sweet ripe red apple flavour with a crisp slightly dry finish. Sláinte!    [Read More]

Dating back to the 4th century, Ogham text is the earliest recorded written language of Celtic Ireland. It is a cryptic alphabet designed by the Irish and used as a secret means of communication against the British authorities. 

There are well over 100 variants or secret modes of writing Ogham. On our bottle, the Ogham inscription translates as “Gaillimh”, the Irish for Galway.

Want to stock Galway Cider in your own pub, restaurant, supermarket or local shop? We would love to get you set up!

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